O H  H E L L O  T H E R E

We’re Ewan and Mike, a creative team from England and Ireland.

Over the past 6 years we’ve had the chance to work for some of London’s
biggest and best agencies on a wide range of projects.
From traditional above the line campaigns to social, experiential, and PR.

When we’re not cracking briefs and building brands you’ll find us DJ-ing,
shooting fish or just having the banter.

Between us we’ve picked up a Drum Best Sponsorship Activation Award,
Drum Best Brand Experience Award, DMA Silver Award, AEAF Animation Award,
D&AD Best In Book Nomination, Young Creative Council Unite Nomination
and we both have our Frosties 50m swimming badge.  

We’ve also won a number of pitches including
Adidas, Dulux, Microsoft, Shell and Google.

If you want to have a chat give us a bell at... 

E: 0402 697 961  |  M: 0481 385 870

Ciao for now.